Embassy, Consulate-General and Consulates, Australia

Australian Visa in Dutch passport

After receiving your new Dutch passport the link between your Australian visa and your old passport becomes invalid, so that you cannot use it in order to leave or enter Australia. In order to retrieve it you should contact the Australian ‘Department of Immigration and Citizenship’ (DIAC) and provide them with your new passport details, specifically the new passport number.

Please be aware that this is a requirement of the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship. You should provide DIAC with your new passport details by completing form 929. You must advise the department of any changes to your passport details before and after a visa is or has been granted to you. This includes details of any new passport you obtain to replace a passport that has expired or been lost/stolen/destroyed. This also accounts for any additional passport of another nationality you hold (if that is applicable) as long as it is connected to your Australian visa. The details of any new passport that you provide will be linked to your record on the department’s systems to facilitate your travel. All necessary information and 'form 929' can be found here.  Please be aware that this is your own responsibility; unfortunately the Dutch missions cannot assist in this matter for you.